For New Patients

The first step is to schedule a consultation with a physician.  At this consultation, you will be able to meet your physician and have your questions answered and your concerns addressed.  When you schedule your appointment, one of our patient care coordinators will ask you to fill out the following documents:

1)           ASRM History Form
2) Medical Record Release Form
3) Notice of Privacy Practices - HIPAA Consent Form

**You can fill out your ASRM History Form on-line by clicking on the following link:

The ASRM history form is a very important tool which helps your physician understand your specific situation and begin to formulate potential treatment options.  The medical record release form allows your previous providers to send us medical records which may be relevant to your care (from your OB/GYN, previous fertility treatments, urologist, etc.).  Please submit these documents to our office at least 2 days before your first appointment.  You may also scan and email or fax your insurance card to us so that we can help you determine what fertility benefits may be included in your insurance plan.  To get the most from this initial appointment, please come prepared with any questions that you may have and if applicable, we recommend that your partner join you for the consultation.  From this visit, your physician will determine the appropriate next steps.  

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